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Stundenglass Premium Gravity Bong

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The Stundenglass Gravity bong works like an old-school science project creating a vortex using a cyclone effect to do all the work of inhaling for you and capturing the biggest hit you can handle under a glass dome for you to inhale at your leisure. You load and cap the chamber, then flip the bong while lighting the bowl to have it pull in a massive hit of smoke, then flip it again to push all that smoke out, at your face.


  • Height: 12in
  • Base width: 5in
  • Borosilicate glass globes
  • Aluminum body
  • Large closed chamber hookah bowl
  • 14mm male wide handled bowl included
  • Male to male hookah bowl adapter
  • Hookah wand
  • Coal tray
  • 3ft hose
gravity bong flip|
rotating gravity bong amazon|