Intrducing Matriarch’s Rig Station: All Your Dabbing Needs In One Place


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a few cannabis-related gifts, and we just found the best of them all.

We’d like to happily introduce the best tray for dabbingMatriarch’s Premium Walnut Wooden Dab Tray and Workstation. 


The Rig Station

Time to get to work; Matriarch’s Dab Tray is our favorite tray for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows us to take cannabis accessory organization to the next level.

The tray is as sleek at modern as it gets, allowing you to add a little visual spice to your usual seshes. 

Before we continue, let’s get to know the brand behind the world’s best dab tray. Matriarch was established in 2019, and the team felt compelled to create a brand that reflected their passion and love for cannabis.

The brand’s core values are strength, leadership, and unity, all of which are represented in each product they sell.

Matriarch’s diverse and close-knit team of life-long cannabis users and newcomers is on a mission to eliminate the stigma around cannabis by elevating the smoking experience.

Their Premium Walnut Wooden Day Tray and Workstation perfectly represents the brand’s innovative products and forward-thinking ideas.

Back to the dab tray, Matriarch indeed left us in awe with their consideration regarding how cannabis users can elevate their dabbing experience.

We want to mention that Matriarch’s Premium Walnut Wooden Dab Tray & Workstation is also suitable for water pipes and bongs, but there are designated spaces for small wax containers.

There are three other spaces for bangers or slides, a landing pad perfect for a dab torch or ISO jar, and three spots for wax containers. The tray also has room to hold your lighter, ensuring that you’ll never lose it.

Matriarch’s dab tray was crafted from genuine North Carolina black walnut wood, and there’s also a space carved into the side for portability and convenience.

We adore this take on a regular dab mat; it’s the perfect mix of modernity, organic materials, and organization.

To give you the complete rundown on what Matriarch’s Premium Walnut Wooden Dab Tray & Workstation, we’ve included the product details notes below, courtesy of Matriarch:

  • Color: Natural Wood
  • Materials: Premium North Carolina Black Walnut Wood
  • Measurements: 11.5″L x 7.25″W x 1″H
  • A Base for dab rig or water pipe
  • Four dab tool slots
  • Three bowl piece/banger slots
  • Landing pad
  • Three dab jar holders
  • Built-in handle
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s 12 Month


Rachel Abela


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