A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Rolling Tray


If there’s something that should be found in every stoner’s home, it’s definitely a rolling tray. Whether you enjoy a joint every once in a while or light up multiple times a day, it’s the perfect accessory for the cannabis lifestyle.

With a whole lot of different styles that suit every smoker’s need, Matriarch is at the helm of elevating experiences with dozens of rolling trays for everyone. 

When it comes to picking a rolling tray, it should be suited to your individual needs and wants.

We’ve curated a quick guide to help you find the right one for you.

For The Casual Smoker


The Jay Mill

If you like lighting up a joint or two to relieve stress after a busy day, the Jay Mill has got your back.

You probably don’t like to complicate the experience, which is why convenience is the name of the game with this rolling tray, making it easier than ever to roll one quickly and effectively.

Crafted out of black walnut wood from the forests of North Carolina, it’s as stylish as it is advantageous, with room to hold grinders, tips, rolling papers, and additional storage.

For The Dabber


The Rig Station

If you prefer concentrates over flower, the Rig Station is the perfect rolling tray for you. It’s the perfect tray for those who like to rip big clouds of wax, with the elevated organization made out of premium black walnut wood.

It has everything you could possibly need: space for your wax rig, tool slots for dabbers, cleaning tools, and picks, space for bangers and slides, a landing pad for your torch, and spots for wax containers and your lighters.

It truly is the complete package for lovers of cannabis concentrate.

For The Blunt Enthusiast


The Blunt Father

You smoke only fat blunts, right?

In that case, look no further than the Blunt Father rolling tray. Rolling one up will feel like a treat with some help from Mother Nature, with a rustic feel and an organization station to die for.

Roll up to eight at once and put them into the designated blunt spots, all while having enough space to spread out and play around.

Even clean-up is simple, thanks to the crafted corner and a tilted stand for your phone, so you can put on your favorite TV show while working away.

For The Heavy Joint Smoker


The Old Faithful

Some people are casual smokers that don’t need more than a joint at night to settle down after a long day, but not you.

You love to carry joints around like a pack of cigarettes, so you likely spend a lot of time rolling enough blunts to last through the day or week.

For you, we highly recommend the Old Faithful. The name does it justice, as it’ll always be around to be the backdrop for rolling a few dozen blunts easily, thanks to the big rolling surface and joint holders. 


Itali Heide


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