Benefits Of Using Rolling Trays


There’s an abundance of rolling trays on the market, all geared towards your specific needs.

Many trays seem to lose their touch and style with time; bold and bright colors don’t seem to last as long as timeless, sleek, and minimalist products.

For this reason, we always steer consumers in the direction of Matriarch, the go-to place for everything rolling-tray-related. 

Matriarch prides itself on quality, efficient, and long-lasting rolling trays. The company was established in 2019 from years of passion and love for cannabis.

Because Matriarch embodies core values like strength, leadership, and unity, these values are perfectly reflected in each product they deliver. 

Rolling trays, in general, have several benefits, which are all amplified when using Matriarch’s Jay Mill Rolling Tray


The Jay Mill

Saves Money And Your Precious Herb

We know first hand the difficulties of messy rolling spaces. Using a simple desk or table often leaves you with a mess to clean up, and half of the herb you dropped won’t ever be smoked.

How sad is that?

Using Matriarch’s Jay Mill reduces your mess by 100% and keeps your herb in an engraved compartment, allowing you to save those bucks and make the most of each flower purchase. 

A Designated Space For Smoking Accessories

Matriarch’s Jay Mill Rolling Tray comes with two grinder holders, five filter tip holders, and two rolling paper slots.

Say goodbye to the days of misplacing your accessories with this helpful rolling aid.

Many of these accessories can clutter a table or desk, but placing the tray in a designated space with your needed accessories will help you stay organized for an efficient rolling experience. 

Rolling On The Go Just Got Easier

Now that your rolling tray is set up in your designated space with all of your needed accessories, you’re ready to roll and head out the door.

It takes no time to roll a joint or blunt with a rolling tray, and you’ll impress your friends with your level of organization and efficiency. 

Matriarch’s Jay Mill is incredibly durable and can be packed inside a bag for easy portability, whether you’re hitting a campfire or plunking down at the beach. 


Rachel Abela


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