Lets get personal.... Personalized engraving avaialable with each purchase.


Return Policy: If you’re not happy with your purchase, you have a 30-day return window starting FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. This is for orders directly made on Matriarch’s online store. To return your purchase:

  1. Email your proof of purchase (a copy of the order confirmation email) to email address
  2. Send your purchased product before the 30-day return window ends to

Returns @Matriarch
10018 Lower Azusa Rd
Unit A
El Monte, CA 91731

Once the Matriarch team receives the product and inspect for Cheetos dust, we will offer a full refund.

Defective Returns: If you received a defective product, we apologize. Please let us know of the defective return WITHIN 15 DAYS OF THE PURCHASE DATE. To report the defect and receive a new product, please email us email address:

  1. Your proof of purchase (a copy of the order confirmation email) and
  2. A photo of the defective area of the product  

We will review your submission and upon approval the team will replace your purchase and send you a new product.