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King Size Rolling Paper Party Pack - RAW + OCB + Zig Zag + Marley + Vibes + Blazy Susan + Element

Matriarch has curated the top brands for Rolling Papers and have created a party pack with all of the fan favorites.

Each party pack contains the following: King Size Rolling Papers
1. Blazy Susan King Size Pink Papers (50 Leaves)
2. Zig Zag French Rolling Papers (32 Leaves)
3. Bob Marley Hemp Rolling Papers (33 Leaves)
4. RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers ( 32 Leaves)
5. Vibes Ultra Fine Hemp Paper ( 33 Leaves)
6. OCB Ultra Thin Rolling Paper ( 32 Leaves)
7. Element Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers ( 33 Leaves)

245 individual papers included in this bundle! Enough to last you for months! Well it depends on how many cigarettes you roll.