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Handmade Rose Petal Shells - 3 Pack


The Elegant Touch of Smoking - Pack of 3 Organic Handmade Rose Petal Shells, Fits up to 2 Grams of Material

Handrolled in California utilizing giant organic rose petals reducing the chances of breaking when preparing each roll. Each cone holds approximately 2 grams of finely grounded material. Providing a smooth taste with a floral and sweet aroma with a long-lasting slow

We took it an extra step and provided each individual cone with its own glass doob tube to protect them from damaging and provide storage to your unfinished rolls, you won't need to worry about contaminating your fresh unused cones.

(3) Handrolled Rose Petal Cones with double Filter Tips
(3) 3- Glass Doob Tubes
(1) Wooden Packer
- Smooth Taste
- Floral and Sweet Aroma
- Slow Burning
- Organically Cured

-Made it USA!

1. Grind your material until it becomes fine
2. Carefully start loading your cone with material (Don't start packing too tight in the beginning, it blocks the airflow) Use the packing stick and press lightly
3. For every half-inch of material use packing stick to pack down to avoid any empty gaps.
4. Once filled ignite the tip evenly for an even burn
5. Enjoy!