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ENDO Hemp Rolling Paper Variety Pack - 3 Pouches - 10 Pre-roll cones

ENDO variety pack made with organic German Hemp.

Pouch #1
Panama Cane - Produced from organic hemp with no tobacco contents. This pouch contains 4 full sized cones. Once you prepare your smoke with our hemp cones you will understand why Endo is the perfect cone for the hemp professional.

Pouch #2
Peach & Mango - Triple double is a specialty package created to give you the ultimate experience with mixing multiple flavors. The product features no tobacco contents. This pouch contains 2 full sized wraps, 2 full sized hemp cones, and 2 corn filter tips. Carefully packaged & secured for no dents or breaks. Endo Hemp wrap is the choice providing you with a smooth, flavor filled taste with each hit.

Pouch #3
Russian Cream - The wraps are produced from organic Hemp containing no tobacco ingredients resulting in the finest wraps that create a slow burning uniquely smooth taste for the purest smoke. Each pouch contains 2 full sized organic hemp wraps with Russian cream flavor.