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14 Inch Coil Chiller Beaker Glass Bong

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If what you need is icy cold bong rips, than a glycerin coil, also called a condenser coil is a feature you should be looking for. This glycerin coil bong has a detachable neck that you can pop directly in the freezer pre smoke sesh. The vapor will be cooled down immediately upon lighting up thanks to added glycerin within the glass bowl and downstem for chilled, comfortable tokes from start to finish. Perfect for passing, the Colored Coil Chiller Beaker Bong has a stable base to support its 14 inch height and comes in transparent heat-safe glass. The glycerin features come in neon green, blue, or red.

Height - 14"

Downstem length - 3.5"

Joint - 14mm female

Material - Glass