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$74.99 $99.99

Get ready to gun down your favorite wax with this AR-710 nectar collector kit by Arsenal Gear! Constructed of metal with a length of 9.5 inches, bring this bad boy to any session to light it up. A metal cover protects the ceramic tip while the mouth piece has its own medical grade silicone cover.

Click the power button that is placed on the scope 5 times to activate the device. You'll see the barrel blink red letting you know the device is ready to use. When holding the power button, the barrel glows red and begins heating the ceramic tip.

Once the ceramic tip is heated, slightly make contact with your concentrates to vaporize it and inhale. This dab straw has 3 power modes so you can control the temperature of each hit. The kit includes a silicone concentrate container, a cleaning metal bristle, dabtool, and a usb cable for charging.

When this machine arrives, you'll awed by the finish after opening the sturdy box. Be ready to gun down any wax that can come your way once you've added this bad boy to your arsenal.


  • Length: 9.5 Inch
  • Arsenal Gear Brand
  • Metal Body
  • Ceramic Tip
  • Concentrate Container
  • Dabtool
  • Cleaning Bristle
  • USB Charger Included